Kuleana Rum Works Celebrates High-Quality Rum With Signature Cocktails


Honolulu (KHON2) – Kuleana Rum Works is now available across the Hawaiian Islands to those looking to for a delicious cocktail.

Since 2013, Kuleana Rum Works prides themselves on making high-quality rum for local residents to enjoy. 

“We are the first distillery on the Big Island. Also, we make rum in two different ways; first we grow indigenous Hawaiian ko, juice it and use that juice to make Hawaiian Rum Agricole. This type of rum makes up less than 5% of the worlds rum. Second, we import non-additive rums from all over the world and blend them on the Kohala coast often utilizing our Hawaiian Rum Agricole in the blends,” says Art Deakins, Partner and Regional Sales manager at Kuleana Rum Works.

Even though, Kuleana Rum Works is distilled on the island of Hawaii, residents on all islands are able to experience the high-quality flavors of Kulean Rum Works. 

Deakins says, “We are distributed through SGWS and for retail you can find us in Whole Foods, Food Land Farms and in Safeways along with a few other fine local retailers.

Those on the island of Oahu, are encouraged to head over to Bevy Bar in Kaka’ako as they are proud supporters of Kulean Rum Works. 

“Bevy has been an amazing support to us since day one. As one of the original “craft cocktail” bars here in Honolulu they make all types of amazing craft cocktails. Their newest cocktail using Kuleana is the Midtown Sour. It’s a beautiful tropical cocktail also utilizing a touch of sherry as a fun surprise,” says Deakins. 

Those looking to learn more about Kulean Rum Works and its efforts to provide high-quality rum are encouraged to visit their official website. 



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