Kūkulu Kahua: Units of Measurement Thru Mele

Kūkulu Kahua

Our series Kūkulu Kahua continues today with two Kumu from Kamehameha Schools, Kaʻaina Ishimine from Kohala, and Piʻikea Kihe from Waimea.

The two are teaching distance learning to their students and using songs or Mele for Units of Measurement.

Kumu Ishimine explained, “It’s called Ke Mele Anana and it was shared with me by an individual who works for A Hawaiian Immersion Program.  It’s a Hawaiian measurement song that teaches keiki from a cultural perspective how they can use their body to measure things. They are learning an important mathematical skill within our Hawaiian cultural context. keiki can relate to things that they connect to, and by measuring things using their kino/ body, they form a sense of understanding that there is a relationship between the object and their body. In the Hawaiian culture, everything has a connection and everything is related.”

Kumu Kihe added how Hawaiian Culture is being integrated into activity and lesson plans. “One way that I have been able to integrate the Hawaiian culture into distance learning is by creating my own activity books in both Hawaiian and English.”

To find more ‘Ohana and Hawaiian cultural-based learning resources, visit: http://kamehamehapublishing.org and http://kanaeokana.net/

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