With a rise in tragic pedestrian deaths on Hawaii streets, there’s a push from the community to do something to make walking safe.

State Senator Sharon Moriwaki says it’s a frequent issue brought up by the communities she represents- Waikiki and Kakaako.

Sen. Moriwaki joined Waikiki Beach Activities President Bob Hampton on Living808 to talk about their efforts to make Honolulu more pedestrian-friendly.

According to Sen. Moriwaki, Hawaii has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the nation for adults over age 60.

On April 10th, there was a Waikiki Safe Walk event with 50 people doing a walk audit of Waikiki to identify pedestrian safety issues.

Hampton says the audit found concerns such as cracks in the sidewalk, crossing signals that our too short for our kupuna to cross, or poor signage and markings.

They hope other communities follow their lead to pinpoint problems and work on solutions.