Kind2Kupuna: Iolani Students Get HUI Car Share for Arcadia & 15 Craigside Kupuna


Two students’ project at Iolani School called “One Mile” led to a cool collaboration with HUI Car Share to give rides to seniors who live in the retirement communities of Arcadia and 15 Craigside.

Vanessa Mello and Jenna Yoshimi pitched the idea to HUI to provide affordable transportation for kupuna as an essential means for maintaining independence and health. 

They explained their motivation to Living808, saying “We learned about the needs of kupuna in our community. We know that it is often difficult for kupuna to get around, and we wanted to make driving more age-friendly. We started to learn more about what was available and found HUI. We wanted to see if our kupuna could use HUI. So we started by reaching out to HUI and Arcadia to pitch our idea. We were happy that they were so receptive.”

The One Mile Project is an upper school class at Iolani. 

The purpose is to understand the needs of kupuna living within a one-mile radius of the school’s campus and create change. 

The class teaches students about aging issues, foster empathy, and empower students to create change through projects in the community. 
Hui is a round-trip, station-based car share program where you can book a vehicle by the hour or day, now or in the future. 

HUI makes great sense for kupuna who live in retirement communities and assisted living communities because they want to maintain independence, but it often does not make sense to own a car, given the cost of maintenance and registration. 


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