Kimié Miner joins us on Living808 to talk about her latest project, Na Leo, which means “the voices.”

Na Leo is a mentorship program aimed at helping aspiring artists find their voice and learn how to use it in collaboration with others. Kimié discusses the importance of understanding the music industry and intellectual property rights, something she learned from her mentor, Fiji, when she was just starting out. The Na Leo program not only teaches aspiring artists the tools for songwriting and collaboration but also industry knowledge. Kimié shares that the program will be island-wide and is kicking off this weekend with artist mentors, including Anuhea, IZIK, and Ark Woods. When asked about the program, Miner said, “their message, their voice, it all matters and that they have their rights to protect and to think about.” The Na Leo program is an excellent opportunity for young artists to learn from experienced mentors and make connections within the industry.

Aspiring artists can register on, and auditions will take place on Friday night, with the songwriting deep dive on Saturday.