If fitness is part of your New Year’s Resolutions, the YMCA is there to help with specialized programs for all ages.

Membership Director Kawehi Harano at YMCA of Honolulu gives us tips to not only get healthy, but to stay healthy.

First, make small achievable lifestyle changes instead of a drastic quick change.

Next, make it a combo.

Getting healthy involves your mind, spirit and body.

Try combining physical activity, healthier foods and activities that make you happy, less stressful. 

The more important tip is to make it fun by getting healthy with others.

Whether it’s friends, family or as the members at the YMCA do, folks of all ages enjoy having fun together while keeping each other accountable in a variety of fitness activities.

The YMCA offers hundreds of group exercise classes each week on land and in water, to specialized training, sports and group activities like their volunteer Togetherhood programs where members plan and implement community service projects that better the communities they live in. 

If you want some extra help, consider a personal trainer or the specialized programs like they have at the YMCA for diabetes prevention, arthritis management and even a program for Parkinson’s Disease.

From now till January 31st, you can save $50 on your new membership because they are waiving the joiner fee.

Also, stop by any YMCA branch on Saturday, January 12 to try your local Y location for free.

Bring your swim suits, workout clothes and family and see why their members have found the Y to be the best place not only get and stay healthy, but to have fun doing it. 

If you need any financial assistance for your membership or any of their health, senior or youth programs, visit their website to check your qualification for financial assistance.

Website: https://ymcahonolulu.org