November is here and with Thanksgiving around the corner it’s the perfect time of the year to reflect on what we’re thankful for. On this edition of Keiki Corner John and Kelly share some thankfulness and gratitude activities viewers can do with their ‘Ohana.

Gratitude Jar

Stick the names of each member in your family on an individual jar/container. Then give each member of your family some sticky notes or paper that they can write on. Throughout two days write down things you are grateful for about the person on the jar. When the two days are done give the jar to the designated person and they can read all the wonderful notes about them.

Thankful Letters

Encourage your family to write letters of gratitude or thankfulness to the people you are thankful for. The letter can include drawings or pictures and you can mail or deliver them by hand.

Thankful Tree

Create a thankful tree to visualize everything you have to be thankful for. Use materials around your house to create your thankful tree. Then cut out colorful leaves on construction paper or scrap paper. Members can write down things they are thankful for on blank leaves. Attach the leaves on your thankful tree and decorate your tree however you want.

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