“Sugar sweetened” beverages are the single largest source of calories and added sugar in the U.S. diet. These include any drinks with added sugar or other sweeteners such as soda, fruit drinks, sports & energy drinks as well as coffee or tea beverages with added sugars and cream. Today, Pediatrician Dr. Theresa Wee joined Living808 to talk about the importance of cutting out “sugar sweetened” beverages in our keiki’s diets.

Tips Dr. We shared on cutting back:

  *   Don’t buy or keep soda and sweetened drinks in the house.

  *   Instead of reaching for 100% fruit juice, reach for whole fruits instead.

  *   Limit juices to ½ cup (4oz) per day. Make it last longer by diluting it with water or adding ice.

  *   When you are thirsty, be mindful of what you are drinking and read labels for sugar content in “sugar sweetened” beverages.

  *   Start the process slowly; instead of 16 oz, go to 12oz then 8 oz.

  *   Always choose water and have a water bottle with you throughout the day. Keep a container of cold water in the fridge.

  *   Milk matters and is beneficial for bone and teeth. Choose non-fat or 1% milk.

  *   Try herbal tea or coconut water.

  *   Add freshly squeezed lemon or orange juice to your water for a splash of flavor.

  *   At the coffee shop, skip flavored syrups/ whipped cream; ask for low fat milk.

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