Honolulu (KHON2) – Kay Mukaigawa of Engel and Volkers is educating Hawaii residents when it comes to real estate easement and encroachment agreements.

Kay Mukaigawa of Engel and Volkers says Hawaii residents and surrounding neighborhoods will or should draft up encroachment agreements to protect their property.

“Encroachments are intrusions onto your neighbors property, they usually involve walls and determine where its property lines reside,” says Kay Mukaigawa, CEO and Founder of Engel and Volkers.

Mukaigawa says an encroachment document states neighbors will allow encroachment until the first party removes it or until the encroachment is destroyed.

Mukaigawa says, “Homeowners should agree on signing encroachment documents, so that future buyers will have knowledge on what agreements were made.”

In addition to encroachment agreements, Mukaigawa is educating Hawaii residents to be knowledgeable on easements. `

“Easements are legal situations in which the title to a specific piece of land remains with its property owner, but owners should be aware that if a person or organization has rights to use their land for a distinct purpose,” says Mukaigawa. 

Hawaii homeowners wanting to learn more about encroachment and easement agreements as well as other real estate advice, are encouraged to check out the official website of Engel and Volkers, or attend their seminar on May 28th.

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