Halloween crafts that are fun and won’t break the bank!

An example of how Kama’aina Kids preschool and school age programs teach kids that they can be creative and resourceful all at the same time!

Kelsea Lickert, event marketing specialist from Kama’aina Kids shows some simple fun Halloween crafts for the kids to do at home and help decorate the house!

We have a few different craft options to help celebrate Halloween in a convenient and cost effective way!

Most of these crafts can be made out of things you already have laying around the house!

Like festive bats made out of paper plates and paint, and some more bats and other creatures made out of old toilet paper rolls that are decorated with paint or markers, some light up ghosts out of paper bags and markers and small fake t-light “candles”.

Some cute hand print crafts that are made to look like all your favorite Halloween characters, some festive crafts you can wear and some games you can play at your next Halloween party before trick or treating!

Kama’aina Kids has some amazing and creative staff that do incorporate the various seasons and holidays into their crafts and curriculum which not only teaches them about the different times of year but through these types of crafts they learn to be resourceful and creative as well!

So you can expect your keiki to bring home a variety of different crafts and now you have some ideas you can do together at home so the parents don’t miss out on the fun and its an excuse to spend some extra time together as a family!

Check out the Kama’aina kids Pinterest page for all these craft ideas and more, and for information about the programs and events, visit their website https://www.kamaainakids.com.