Kaiser Permanente has Diversity and Inclusion


Today on Living808 we introduce Scott Denny, a physician assistant of infectious diseases at Kaiser Permanente, to discuss KP diversity and inclusion at work.

“I serve as Medical Director for Kaiser Permanente’s Gender Health program as well as Medical Director for our HIV care delivery service line. I have the privilege of caring for some of our most vulnerable patient populations, including our LGBTQ members. Our integrated healthcare system provides us a unique opportunity to remove well-known barriers that LGBTQ individuals, and those living with HIV, often face when pursuing healthcare.  To ensure healthcare equity and inclusivity for these populations, I created Care Pathway Center.”

There are a number of initiatives at Kaiser that make it a diverse environment for the LGBTQ community.

“We can’t expect our patients to feel included and welcome if the people caring for them don’t feel included and celebrated. We have to be culturally responsive with our colleagues, staff, and clinicians to ensure our patients feel similarly. An initiative we launched is called Belong@KP.  This program lays the foundation for an inclusive environment by teaching us to recognize our own biased behaviors and rewire our thinking to engage more inclusively.

For example, if you had to picture typical classic commercial airline pilot, what do they look like? (Typically white man with a mustache).

Bottom line: If you have a brain, you have bias. We all have some type of implicit bias.

From this though, we begin to imbed inclusive and equitable practices into how we engage and communicate with our colleagues, staff, and clinicians. The end result is an environment that recognizes and celebrates all our diversity.”

To learn more visit kp.org.

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