It’s National Punctuation Day! Common mistakes you may be making


Today is National Punctuation Day, a day to celebrate the importance of proper punctuation.

KHON2’s Terri Inefuku put Trini and John to the test with a fun challenge featuring common punctuation mistakes.

Here are a few tips using the Associated Press Stylebook:

’70s, not 70’s

Decades do not “possess” anything. Use the apostrophe to indicate numerals are left out.

It’s vs. it is

It’s is a contraction for “it is” or “it has.” Its is a possessive pronoun that means “belonging to it.”

9-year-old and 9 years old, never nine years old

Always use numbers for ages. Hyphens are used when the age is an adjective before a noun, or as a substitute for a noun.

December 2018 vs. Dec. 25, 2018

When a month is used with a specific date, abbreviate Jan.. Feb., Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. Spell out when using alone, or with a year alone. When a phrase lists only a month and a year, do not separate the year with a comma. When a phrase refers to a month, day, and year, set off the year with commas.

Working full time vs. a full-time job

Hyphenate when used as a compound modifier.


Use abbreviations only with a numbered address: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Spell them out and capitalize in a formal street name without a number: Pennsylvania Avenue.

State names

Hawaii, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Ohio, Texas and Utah are never abbreviated in datelines or text.

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