Items confiscated at Hawaii airports now up for sale


Do you ever wonder what happens to items confiscated by the Transportation Security Administration?

Many of the items surrendered at Hawaii’s airports are given to the State Procurement Office’s Surplus Property Office.

The public can now bid on the items in an online auction.

Items include Swiss Army knives, tools, box cutters, bottle openers, kitchen knives, and even golf clubs.

Other items include things people may have accidentally left behind at the TSA checkpoints, like sunglasses.

“Weekly we go to Honolulu airport to collect that, and for the neighbor islands, they send it to us every quarter,” said Mei Phillips, who oversees the Surplus Property Office in Mapunapuna.

In the past, the items would just sit in the Surplus Property Office’s warehouse, waiting to be purchased by other state agencies or non-profit groups.

But in April, the State Procurement Office decided to open it up to the public through an online auction.

“The auction period is one week. We start Monday, we finish Monday, and the person that bought the item has to pay within three days and pick up the item within three weeks,” Phillips said.

You need to pick up the items you win in person, or you could also authorize someone to pick up the items up for you. The Surplus Property Office does not mail the winning items.

There are certainly some bargains to be had.

For example, currently up for auction is a lot of approximately 40 tools, with a starting bid of only $20.

There are also two golf clubs and a pool stick being sold as part of one lot, with a starting bid of $40.

The minimum opening bid for a lot of approximately 40 brand new multi tool pocket knives is only $20.

The money raised from the weekly auction helps fund the Surplus Property Office for salaries, accounting, and other expenses, since the office is self-sufficient.

It’s always a good idea to check which items are not allowed on planes in your carry-on or checked luggage to avoid having your items confiscated by the TSA.

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