Honolulu (KHON2) – As the nation gears up to commemorate the valor and sacrifices of veterans, Island Slipper is celebrating the holiday honoring those who have served. Veteran’s Day is important within the Island Slipper family, particularly with the founder’s personal connection to a World War II Air Force veteran, his grandfather. Despite the triumphs of war, his grandfather grappled with PTSD, leading to a steadfast refusal to travel by plane. This inspired a poignant and frequent childhood journey to California, where the founder often visited his grandfather. Mikey went over and chatted with Matt Carpenter to learn more.

Matt shared that Island Slipper actively contributes to the Wounded Warrior Ohana in Hawaii, a testament to their dedication to giving back to those who have sacrificed for their country. They passionately advocate for others to join in supporting this cause, exemplifying a commitment to social responsibility and community engagement. During this significant weekend, Island Slipper is allocating a percentage of its sales to further assist the Wounded Warrior Ohana.

Island Slipper offers a 10% discount on all purchases throughout the year to those who serve or have served in the military. This constant display of gratitude transcends specific holidays, ensuring a continuous acknowledgment of the sacrifices made by service members.

For this Veterans Weekend, Island Slipper introduces a special promotion at their Ala Moana Center and Royal Hawaiian Center stores. Visitors mentioning ‘Living808’ upon purchase will receive a complimentary surfboard bottle opener, celebrating the spirit of Hawaii and the adventurous lifestyle it embodies.

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