The Hilo Yacht Club, established in 1919, has been a cornerstone of the Hilo community for over a century. Its diverse membership, spanning generations, sees the club as an extension of home, a place where families and individuals find common ground. John went over to the big island and met with Niklas Dahm, General Manager at Hilo Yacht Club, to learn all about it, and how they keep connected with Hawaiian Telcom.

Members join the club for a variety of reasons. Some are drawn to the top-notch athletic facilities, including a pool, beach volleyball court, tennis, and pickleball courts. Others come for the social experience and the club’s unparalleled Hawaiian setting. What unites them all is their love for great food, which the club takes pride in offering.

What sets the Hilo Yacht Club apart is its unique blend of excellent associates and engaged members. As a non-profit member-governed organization, it benefits from diverse perspectives. The primary focus is to ensure that members feel at home when they visit, fostering a sense of recognition, appreciation, and belonging.

The Hilo Yacht Club is a century-old institution that represents the heart and soul of Hilo, offering community, athletics, and shared experiences against the backdrop of Hawaii’s serene beauty. To become part of this dynamic community, reach out to the club office for membership details. The club often invites prospective members to experience its ambiance firsthand and explore membership options.

Niklas also shared how the business successfully operates and stays connected with Hawaiian Telcom. For more on that and how you can keep your business connected, visit