John Veneri caught up with Christine Go of Insurance Options Hawaii while she was celebrating clients at the St Louis Alumni Clubhouse. 

”Insurance Options Hawaii is a Team of Independent Insurance agents who are licensed and certified to assist folks who are eligible for Medicare. Understanding Medicare

can be complex and that is where we come in.  We ensure that or customers understand the details on, WHEN to apply and HOW to apply for their Medicare coverage.  As

well as offering them the different Medicare plan options that they may choose based on their individual needs.  We generally help people who are getting close to 65,

whether they plan to retire or if they will continue to work past 65, we can explain timelines & enrollment periods.  We also help people over 65 that may already have a

Medicare plan but may want to look at other options because they are not satisfied with what they currently have.  They can do that during the Annual Enrollment Period is Oct. 15 – Dec. 7.”

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