Honolulu (KHON2)- In our latest edition of In Sickness and In Health, we learned about the most common traumatic injuries in Hawaii- falls and burns and what to keep on hand at home from Adventist Health Castle.

Trauma Program Coordinator Sarah Janoian of Adventist Health Castle says, “Here in Hawaii, falls make up nearly half of the traumatic injuries we see. Our patients that 65+ and on “blood thinners”, unfortunately we see a lot of head injuries. So much so, that it makes us kind of unique, where the mainland is mostly motor vehicle accidents. We also see burns from water heaters, stove fires, and spilled Saimin. And then there are out keiki. You just never know what to expect with those little ones. Jumping out of trees and off rocks.”

She always has on hand gauze pads and roller gauze also elastic bandage wraps and or coban (he stuff they wrap around your arm when you give blood) in case she needs to stop any kind of bleeding. 

She also carries a Stop the Bleed tourniquet and sterile saline to rinse wounds, burns, and a good pair of scissors.

One other tip? Having a fire extinguisher in the house is super important. 

Finally, If you or someone else does get burned- NO ICE- ICE IS NOT NICE. 

What should you do? Rinse it off with lukewarm water, cover it with clean dry gauze and head on over to the ER or burn center.

Website: AdventistHealthCastle.org