In Sickness & In Health: Office Exercises

In Sickness and In Health

In our “In Sickness & In Health” segment Cindy Carvahlo, the senior fitness practitioner for Adventist Health Castle shows us office Exercises.  

Now there are no excuses for getting in a few minutes each day.  

Many people make resolutions to be healthier and there is something more they can do other than scheduling a workout and eating healthier.

•    Adjustable standing or moveable work station
•    treadmill desk
•    under the desk elliptical (FitDesk) or stationary bike
•    Replace your office chair with a stability ball
    Engages core and improves posture
    Start with short periods
•    Have walking and/or standing meetings
•    Walk while on a phone call
•    Set an alarm on your phone to get up and move for 2 minutes min
    2 minutes of exercise every 30 min = 32 min per day
2 minutes of activity every 60 min = 16 min per day

Carvahlo says Invite your co-workers to join you and don’t be afraid to be an example.  

It takes a while to warm-up before we begin to perspire so a couple of minutes of activity shouldn’t be a problem.  

If necessary, some moist wipes and a little body spray can help.  

Option to start with stretches instead of exercises
•    Standing hip flexor stretch
•    Standing calve stretch
•    Seated chair chest stretch
Tricep Stretch with side bend (sit or stand)
•    High knees
•    Desk push-ups
•    Wall sits or chair squats
•    Chair dips
•    Lunges (walking or stationary)
•    Calf raises 
Other more vigorous options:
•    Jump rope
•    Stairs in your building
•    Resistance tubing
•    Medicine balls 
•    Dumbbells

For more information visit or give our Wellness Center a call at 263-5050
At Adventist Health Castle they offer help with eating healthy, diabetes control, quitting smoking, and fitness classes.

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