In Sickness and in Health: Mobi-C allows movement after spine surgery

In Sickness and In Health

People suffering from debilitating back pain sometimes avoid seeking treatment because they are more afraid of spine surgery and its possible side effects.

But cutting-edge technology is changing all of that.

“In America, we tend to have more cervical problems and lumbar problems. Those are more mobile segments in your spine,” explained Dr. William Beringer, Adventist Health Castle neurosurgeon. “You have a vertebrae and a vertebrae, and in between those two vertebrae is a disc. Frequently, the discs wear out as you get older, or they can herniate from various activities, trauma, wear-and-tear, chronic wear-and-tear even, and they can push up against a nerve or they can push up against the spinal cord.”

There are a few options to spine surgery and one that Adventist Health Castle specializes in is called the Mobi-C.

The Mobi-C disc has three parts: two metal plates and a plastic insert in the middle. The plates are made of a mix of metals commonly used in spine surgery (cobalt, chromium, and molybdenum).

“It’s a more evolved, kind of like a third-generation artificial cervical disc,” said Beringer. “For Mobi-C, what’s nice about it, among the other things, is it maintains range of motion so they can keep moving. The patients after the surgery, they don’t hurt as much, because they can find that position of comfort, and I don’t have to keep giving them pain medicine, because their neck isn’t locked into a given position.”

In a surgery with the Mobi-C Cervical Disc, the unhealthy disc is removed, but instead of a bone spacer or plastic implant along with a plate and screws, a Mobi-C is implanted into the disc space.

Where a fusion procedure is intended to eliminate motion at the surgery levels, the goal of a surgery with Mobi-C is to allow motion at those levels.

Beringer can help determine if you are the right candidate for this type of operation.


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