Today, we are on-site with Structural Systems at a client’s home. Damien Enright, President at Structural Systems, Inc. showed us what we should be watching out for around our homes.  When we get called out to a home for an inspection, they look for symptoms of movement, signs of shifting or settling, and potential problems with the drainage around the home. The home we visited had major drainage issues, so Damien showed us what needed to be done to fix the problem.

 Damien talked us through some of the damage, “The first big red flag is the mud staining on the wall there in the corner.  That tells that a good amount of water is consistently flowing right over the wall and into this corner of the property.  The next thing we notice is when we look up.  All the water from both properties up above is flowing right here to this property since it is downhill, and the owner has told us that it was flooding right in this corner during heavy rains.  So much so that the flooding would hit the side and front of the house.

I we look over at this retaining wall that sits right in the corner where the flooding takes place, you can see that the wall is leaning pretty badly, it is cracking, so much so that it does need to be addressed right away.  After a certain amount of leaning the wall needs to be replaced, so you don’t want your walls to get to that point.  Also the flooding has also caused some shifting to areas of the home, as well as leaking to the interior of the lower floors.”

He says it’s easy to point out cracks, but it’s extremely important to understand the root cause of the issue. If you notice cracks or shifting in or around your home, Structural Systems can help you get to the root of the problem!

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