Imagine a day without Water event is October 20 and is a collaborative partnership with city and state agencies. The goal is to remind the community about the importance of preserving the state’s limited precious water resources and investing in our critical water infrastructure. Steven Norstrom from the Board of Water Supply joined John Veneri in the Living808 Lounge to discuss the upcoming events.

“As we’re all aware, water contributes to our thriving economy and high standard of living providing life-giving nourishment; a day without water is a public health and safety crisis and on October 20, consider what your day would be like if you woke up and couldn’t turn on the tap or if you flushed your toilet, and the wastewater didn’t go anywhere.”

And as part of this event there will be a “One Water Forum”.

” The “One Water Forum” will be a talk story session on the repurposing of stormwater, wastewater, and graywater for uses such as golf courses and landscaping, cooling towers, industrial needs, and more. Join our panelists as they discuss the future of “water reuse,” how it works, and the countless ways it’ll help to protect our precious water supply. Viewers tuned in will be able to interact and text any questions or comments they may have.”

For more information, visit or on social media Facebook: @BWSHonolulu, @CCH.ENV, @CleanWaterHNL, @ResilientOahu

For those on the west side, there’ll be another event to celebrate Imagine-A-Day Without Water at Kapolei Hale, October 20, from Noon to 1 PM.