Hurricane protection with Coastal Windows


Coastal Windows started on Oahu in 1990.  

Prior to that, current president of the company, Bob Barretts father had been in manufacturing vinyl extrusions and windows on the mainland since the 70’s.  

In fact, his Dad is actually considered one of the pioneers in bringing the vinyl window technology to the United States, laying the foundation for the vinyl window industry that we know today.

During a hurricane, it’s most important to protect the envelope of your home from high winds and flying debris that can wreak havoc, ranging from water damage to complete structural failure.

Your windows can protect that envelope, unless they shatter and break on impact.  

If the envelope is breached because of window failure, the high winds that enter your home can cause high internal pressure on the inside of your walls and roof, leading to the loss of your roof and the destruction of your home and property. 

A CoastalGard™ impact window or door is actually a “system” of impact resistance that is specially reinforced to hold up under pressure.  

This system includes Coastal Windows high performance vinyl frame that is thermal-welded for strength and seal, to be airtight and watertight, Impact glass, constructed with a flexible, high-strength laminate sheet that’s sandwiched between two pieces of glass, acting as a barrier against flying debris, and a Superior system of glazing and sealant.

Bob says “With CoastalGard windows and doors, you’ll ALWAYS be ready for a storm. No need to tape and board your windows. No storing of bulky plywood or shutters. And no worries if you’re out of town when a storm is approaching. You’ll be ready.”


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