HUGS stands for Help, Understanding, & Group Support.  The organization was founded in 1982 by a small group of volunteers who recognized the immense challenges faced by a family that is caring for a seriously ill child. These families face emotional, spiritual, and financial hardships that no family should have to endure. HUGS strives to be an organization that provides care, compassion, and aloha.

Executive Director Joan Naguwa joined the Living808 crew to talk about HUGS involvement in this years walk.

“We have been participating in The Visitor Industry Charity Walk for over 30 years, and our organization is a nonprofit partner that receives Charity Walk funds. These help us to provide our various programs to families across the state.  Like many nonprofits, we are always looking to provide HUGS families with more offerings and more support. The Charity Walk has been a major help in achieving this year after year, and we are happy to see it return to an in-person event this year!

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