How Ekahi Health Got a Stroke Survivor off Medicine & Into Healthy Lifestyle


Honolulu (KHON2)- A 31 year old survivor of three strokes is turning his life around with the help of Ekahi Health.

Shawn Suzuki topped out over 400 pounds at his worst point, dealing with diabetes and lost feeling and ability to move due to the strokes.

He’s now on a healthy path, dropping weight, and going off medication, after graduating with the Ekahi Ornish Cohort 186, and learning a plant-based diet and regular workouts as part of the Ekahi Wellness program.

Suzuki credits Ekahi Health and the support from his cohort for his success.

Ekahi Health Program Director Robert Walker talked to Living808 about the two programs offered and how they work.

“Ekahi Wellness is your diabetes care management all under one roof – combining consultations with our health professionals and group classes focused on lifestyle changes,” says Walker. “We also have the Ekahi Ornish program that launched in late 2015. It is a 9-week lifestyle modification program focused on eating better, moving more, stressing less, and improving relationships to reduce or reverse the effects of heart disease.”

Ekahi has graduated over 1,700 people through the program and runs up to 12 concurrent cohorts.

“Simple lifestyle choices can reverse most chronic diseases,” adds Walker. “What we do here at Ekahi Health is centered on that belief.”


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