Honolulu (KHON2) – Ho’oko LLC is providing tips to those looking to find peace in personal trials.

According to President and co-founder of Ho’oko LLC, Dr. Rhesa Kaulia, more people are dealing with challenges left from the covid-19 pandemic, that has affected their inner peace.

“We have seen a lot of unrest, worry, anger and frustration, amongst other things, in our practices.  In order to navigate these times, we have been teaching people to learn to find inner peace.  Inner peace in short, is when the mental and spiritual parts of yourself are synthesized.  A state of calm.  You have ample amounts of knowledge & understanding, and this along with knowing who you are, allows a person to remain grounded and strong, transcending all that is going on around you.  It is a deep sense and knowing that you will be okay,” says Dr. Rhesa Kaulia, President and Co-Founder of Ho’oko LLC.

According to Kaulia, people who experience inner peace tend not to overthink things, which in return will feel a sense of freedom from worry, guilt or anxiousness.

Kaulia says, “These people have a quiet sense of confidence. They function better in daily life and feel equipped to face the challenges of the day.  Inner peace also allows for gratitude for what is and having adequate to superior coping skills.  These individuals have healthier relationships and friendships, and higher levels of self-esteem.”

However for those individuals who have not found inner peace, Kaulia says are the ones that are not present in the moment, or are unable to take one thing at a time.

‘Those individuals typicall don’t know who they are or are simply going along with what others determine is good, impedes finding their inner peace.  The detriment of not finding inner peace includes :  fatigue, body aches & pains, sleep disturbance, stomach distrcss, irritability, anxiety, lack of focus, relationship issues, amongst other things,’ says Kaulia.

Kaulia reccomends for those looking to find inner peace, they should look for healthy altrenatives of mediaition. In which she feels is good to be seperate and away from others.

Kaulia says, ‘’Go to a place that you can be silent and embrace the stillness and calm.  Another thing is to intentionally notice the things you are grateful for.  Write them down or tell the person you appreciate. Schedule time not to be busy or caught up in the harriedness of life.  Embrace and do the little and simple things – grow a garden and use the produce to cook your own meal, or bring the meal to someone who needs it.  Create a space/environment that you want to be in, that you want to come home to.  These are some ways to find and practice innner peace. ‘’

Ho’oko LLC offers a counseling center that has therapists who are trained to address topics similar to ‘finding inner peace.’ Those looking to book a counseling session and learn about the different services Ho’oko LLC provides, can do so via the official website of Ho’oko LLC.


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