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In this segment we spoke with Vital Prep General Manager Richard Chun about their fumigation services and prep.

“Fumigation Prep is the processes and procedures that our fumigation prep specialists complete to ensure a successful fumigation or extermination by your pest control company.

There are government and industry requirements that must happen to ensure that the fumigation goes off with no negative issues for the customer and their families. 

When people call us, they get at least 6 professionals with one call. We basically take the place of calling several other people such as; a landscaper, a handyman, a cleaning service, an organizer, bonded security and a pest control professional. Our team is professional trained with the standards set by the product manufacturers, the State of Hawaii and the particular requests of the pest control company administering the gas.  This includes industry continuing education and a consistent review of our own practices.  They are well-trained on all aspects of termite fumigation and bedbug extermination.”

Vital Prep is responsible for all of the standard interior and exterior prep.  Inside this means bagging all foods, medicines and other ingestibles, moving plants to safety, and addressing storage bins and appliances. Outdoors includes moving gravel, tying back palm trees, disassembling decks and gutters, and moving any obstacles to a proper tent drop.  Besides that, they will conserve stationary plants, clean the home after the fumigation, restore the interior and exterior of the property putting everything you want back. Vital Prep even offers an overnight on-site bonded security to monitor the tenting site.

You can check out their website at for more information or to schedule a free estimate or call at 808.633.8600.

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