Hilary Duff Makes Her Way to Hawaii With New Sustainable Line


Honolulu (KHON2) – Happy Little Camper is an eco-friendly, sustainable diaper line that has made its way to local stores in the Hawaiian Islands.

Happy Little Camper is the newest environmentally safe line along with its sister line, Veeda. The mission for Happy Little Camper is to keep children safe from harsh and dangerous chemicals used in everyday products.

“It only seemed evident to create a product line that would benefit the youngest and the future of our planet — our babies. The thought of creating a naturally safe-for-baby’s-skin and eco-friendly product line with already positive and proven health benefits from our Veeda line, seemed like a no-brainer,” says Angela Fajardo, VP of Brand Marketing at Happy Little Camper.

The line was created by actress, Hilary Duff who was encouraged to use only safe and eco-friendly products for her kids. Happy Little Camper is designed with quality, safe materials in mind for young kids.

Fajardo says, “We took a strong stand against harsh chemicals when developing our line for the Happy Little Camper in everyone’s lives. Our product rivals mass-produced products which are designed to cater to every baby, but benefit none of them. We believe nature is better for both the baby and our planet. Our products check all the boxes for safe and healthy ingredients, functionality, and affordability. We believe that everyone should have access to natural baby care.”

Popular among other states, Duff found a love for the Hawaiian islands and its people, motivating her to bring her products to the Hawaiian islands.

“We know the Hawaiian people are all about taking care of their land and their family. So when the opportunity to bring Happy Little Camper out to the islands presented itself we knew it would become a hit with all of our Hawaiian fan base,” says Fajardo.

Happy Little Camper is available at Walmart statewide.




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