Tannya Joins RevoluSun Crew Cleaning Panels at President Dave Gorman’s Home

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Honolulu (KHON2) – Clean energy starts with clean PV panels and RevoluSun invited Living808 to watch them at work cleaning and doing maintenance to give homeowners the most bang for their buck.

“Panel cleaning is important especially in Hawaii surrounded by ocean,” says RevoluSun President Dave Gorman. “We have unusually high amount of salt in our air which ends up on our panels, it builds up overtime. Hawaii is also lush so we have a lot of trees and we also have lovely creatures that live in those trees. Depending on where you live you may be in a direct path flight of the birds that leave little ‘presents’ for us on our panels.”

See what happened when Living808 Host Tannya Joaquin joined the RevoluSun crew on the job on the rooftop of Gorman’s home in Hawaii Kai.

“While we are cleaning, we always check to make sure the wiring is nicely tucked under the panels,” adds Gorman. “January through May is really the best time to get panel cleaning done, ensuring your panels are clean and ready to produce at peek levels during the summer months. Generally homeowners should schedule this service once a year, unless they live oceanfront or deep in a lush valley, in those cases ideal panel cleaning should take place twice a year.”

One indication that panels may need to be cleaned? A dip in production which you can see on your monitoring app would be the most common indicator that panels may need to be cleaned.

A final tip from RevoluSun? If you just bought a house with PV on it, besides a panel cleaning, you can request an inspection for $250.


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