RevoluSun Smart Home helps Ewa Beach family make their home more comfortable and energy efficient

Energy Innovations

Ewa Beach residents, Marie and Michael Amarosa, wanted to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient so they reached out to RevoluSun to make some changes to their home.  

“We redid our roof, installed a PV and battery system and retrofitted our central AC with a more efficient system.  This has saved us hundreds of dollars each month, ” says Marie.   

According to David Gorman, RevoluSun’s President and General Manager, roofs age more quickly in Hawaii, especially in Ewa Beach where it gets really hot.  

“The extreme heat causes the roofs to age faster than more moderate climates,” he says.

He also says air conditioners these days are a lot more efficient  than they used to be.  

“Government energy efficiency standards have increased over the years, so that’s improved efficiency throughout the air conditioning industry as a whole,” says Gorman.  

RevoluSun can retrofit  older central units with energy efficient Mitsubishi Split AC units that are up to 40% more efficient than central AC.  

“That’ll make a big difference for homeowners in Ewa on their electric bills.,” says Gorman. 

Marie Amarosa says RevoluSun did a great job on all of the work.  

“We have peace of mind knowing we’re working with a company that offers the best warranties. Knowing exactly who to call for help is one less thing we have to think about as homeowners,” she says.  

She also likes that RevoluSun is a local company and their money is staying in the local company.


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