This summer has been a “real scorcher” those that have AC have been using them nonstop.  So what does that do to your system?  We asked Eric Carlson of RevoluSun.

“AC systems have been working hard all summer and what can happen is a variety of things. Build-up of material in your indoor unit filters, that could be dust or pet hair, etc., potential for mold buildup in your drain line and on the exterior. The condensers themselves can have buildup in the fan coils. So, after a long time of use in summer, it’s a really good idea to have your system serviced by a professional. “

Carlson added there are a number of really good reasons to have your AC system serviced.

“You stop any chance of mold or bacteria build-up in the units themselves.  Makes your system cheaper to run, because it’s now clean and there is no build-up in the filters, for the air to pass through. It will perform better, meaning, it will cool your home quicker. The air it blows out will be cleaner. As I mentioned earlier, you reduce the chance of any water being blocked in your drain line due to mold growth, which could be a big problem down the road. We recommend that a professional service technician come to your home once a year. We do a full cleaning of the indoor and outdoor units, drain lines, filters, remote control etc. We do recommend that homeowners clean their filters once a month, which is really easy to do on your own. you can go to our website for more information about how to do that. And for the Rebates, Hawaii Energy offers $100 per outdoor unit, up to two units per year.”

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