Honolulu (KHON2) – Revolusun touts the benefits of switching to a Solar Hot Water as the most efficient/cost-effective way to cut down on your electricity bill.

“There are two types of ways we harness solar energy,” explains Eric Carlson, Co-Founder. “One, is through the sun’s thermal energy or the heat given off by the sun, which we use to heat water and the second is through the photovoltaic effect, which is using the light/photons to create electricity. A simple explanation of a solar hot water system is a normal hot water tank that is outfitted with a pump that sends cold water up to thermal collectors on your roof, the sun heats that water and comes back down into your tank hot. It is a very simple and efficient design.”

Right now as we are heading into winter, Revolusun says it is a great time to have your system serviced by a solar professional, to make sure that every part of your systems is in good working condition, so that it produces the maximum cost savings it can during the winter months, when we have more cloudy and rainy days.

Revolusun performs a complete system check, from the tank on the ground to your panels on the roof, inspecting all the components of the systems. At the tank level, there’s flushing the tank, to remove any sediment build-up, which can cause tank corrosion, to a thorough inspection of valves, pumps, heating elements, etc. Then it’s time to inspect the copper lines that the water flows through, inspecting the insulation and repairing if necessary, and then the collectors on the roof.

Carlson adds, “We inspect the racking and penetrations, ensuring they are sound and water tight, then we inspect the collectors, looking for anything out of the ordinary. There are a couple things i left out, but we have a full checklist for our service.”

It’s recommended to do that maintenance every 4-5 years and for homeowners to flush their hot water tank every 12 months. This removes any sediment buildup that occurs in the bottom of the tank. Over time, sediment builds up in the bottom of a water heater, which can lead to clogs. A simple search on the internet will give you a number of videos on how to perform this easy task.

For more information, visit www.revolusun.com/ or call 808.748.8888.