There has been a noticeable increase in companies popping up to provide solar and we wanted to know from the professionals and a company that has been around a long time, why they think that might be.  We asked Eric Carlson of RevoluSun.

“I think there may be a few companies trying to get a couple last minute clients in for 2020. But, what you are seeing and what the public should prepare themselves for, is an influx of Solar Companies in 2021. Next year is going be a historic year for solar in the amount of demand we are going to see and the reason for that is the expiration of the Federal Solar Tax Credit at the end of 2021.  We at RevoluSun have seen a lot over the past 11 years, including what happens in a “boom year” and what happens after.  In a boom year, the larger national solar providers will start ramping up their Hawaii operations and when it’s over, go back to focusing on the mainland, leaving homeowners in limbo should there be a problem with their system. For the local companies that see next years demand, we know they have “been out of the game” for a while and will not be up to date with the new requirements from HECO, nor will they be familiar with new advancements in technology, this may also potentially leave homeowners stuck in a position they don’t want to be in.  Supporting local businesses is always important and even more so with the affects of Covid and our economy. So, I would stress, investing in a local company. The second reason behind that, is your solar investment is an investment that is going be on your home for decades to come. Should anything happen to it or you want to add to it, it is beneficial to be working with a local company to handle all of those needs. Another reason,  Hawaii is been the leader in renewable energy for decades, especially in regards to solar. We at RevoluSun have been at the forefront of solar energy and are one of the most experienced solar companies in the country. And lastly, Do NOT WAIT. We are already selling into February of next year and there are only so many jobs we can physically do in 2021. So, please call us today to get started.”

There are two simple ways of contacting RevoluSun, call at 808-748-8888 or visit online at to book an appointment.