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The Motz family was having problems with their roof and knew it needed to be changed, they also wanted to add a PV system so they turned to Revolusun.  

“We initially contacted RevoluSun back in 2016 to get photovoltaic solar panels installed on our home. Their process includes a pre-inspection before finalizing the design of the system.  At the pre-inspection, we learned that our roof, though we hadn’t any problems with leaks yet, wasn’t going to last as long as the solar array that we were going to put on it. So we got a new roof before we installed the panels.  More recently, RevoluSun retrofitted our central AC when the AC had a leak.”

Revolusun helped by giving them some great advice.

“Yeah, I totally appreciated the fact that they let me know my options. In the end, I chose to make sure the foundation of the solar array was solid upfront instead of paying someone to take the panels off and put them back on when I reroofed; I didn’t realize removing and replacing the PV system would cost between $150-$200/panel if I did the roof later.  Seemed like a waste of money to do it that way. And since RevoluSun does roofing, it was all that much easier for me to choose a roofer and coordinate scheduling.”

The Motz family has had the Solar system for a couple of years now and they are happy to have consulted and gone with Revolusun. 

“It was one of the best decisions I ever made! I wish we had gone ahead with it sooner. We were able to get a 30% federal tax credit and about 20% state tax credit. That brought the cost of the system down by more than half!” Steven Motz said.

If you want a consultation and need work or repairs done to an existing system, visit Revolusun at

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