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In today’s Energy Innovation segment Dave Gorman president of RevoluSun shared the good news.

“At RevoluSun we have always focused on offering the most trusted, reliable and cost effective products for our customers. And today, we add another product to that list. It’s the world’s first residential solar pv panel, that has crossed the 400watt level.  I remember the episode that we introduced the 337 watt sunpower panel on your show. That was exciting then and it’s exciting everytime we see an advancement in the efficiency and output of solar panels.  Because there is a lot of work that goes into these incremental wattage improvements.  This is not like a computer or cell phone or camera, where you see major advancements in power or storage a few months after you made a purchase making it obsolete. It’s thousands of engineers working for years to gain, incremental power leaps. So, it’s really exciting to be able to offer this new technology to Hawaii homeowners.”

We also wanted to know what this means for customers.

“Well, first off…less panels on your roof,  Because of the greater power output. That is important when you are considering the amount of usable space on your roof to create the amount of electricity needed to offset  the power requirements of the home. When you take into consideration shading, vents, skylights, etc. There are a lot of times, where the actual space that is left for a solar installation is quite limited. So, a higher watt panel, may be the only way to offset a homes electrical demand.

Secondly, less panels equals a reduction in the amount of time to do everything we need to install a system. So, homeowners can see a lower installation cost.”

If you want to know more you can call the RevoluSun Innovation center at 808-748-8888 or visit online at

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