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On this edition of Energy Innovation, we catch up with RevoluSun Co-founder Eric Carlson whom we haven’t seen since the Coronavirus Pandemic started. Revolusun was deemed an essential business and they continued to conduct business with clients and a daily basis.

“We are very fortunate to be an ‘essential service’ provider, so knowing that we could continue operations, our first priority was implementing and mandating all CDC guidelines ensuring the health and safety of our Ohana, our customers and the community at large. That meant investing heavily into resources in the form of PPE for our field operations teams, these are the men and women who go out and install solar panels, batteries and air conditioning. For the rest of our team, it meant working remotely immediately. From accounting to customer service and our entire Sales Team, we all started working remotely and leveraged tools like Zoom to keep our business moving forward.”

“Today, we still have about 80% of our team working from home and almost all of our sales consultations are done virtually.   We have seen a dramatic increase in inquiries, for a couple of reasons, In the midst of this pandemic it doesn’t feel like we can control much. All regular routines have been disrupted, schools and business closed, vacations have been cancelled and there is uncertainty as to when things will get back to some semblance of normalcy. Until then, the majority of us are home and many people are realizing how exposed they are to outside events. The common thing we hear from a homeowner who calls us is ‘I need to save Money on my electric bill’ which solar obviously does, but now we are hearing ‘I want to be more self-reliant’ which a solar and battery system provides. So, in addition to saving people money, we are providing them with a sense of control during times of uncertainty. Which is very powerful.”

But in these times of uncertainty Carlson and RevoluSun know that committing to an investment can be hard for people and they wanted to help.

“We are fortunate to have a local partner that has been a great solution for hundreds of homeowners we work with. We have a program for Solar + battery  which is ‘no money down/no payments/no interest’ for 2 years and a ‘no money down/no payments/no interest’ for 1 year. This allows people to start saving immediately on their electric bill or to provide a cool, comfortable home for their Ohana. They can enjoy the benefits without worrying about the payments during these times.”

If you need more information or would like to inquire about one of the many services RevoluSun provides, visit

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