Energy Innovation: Insurance Do’s & Don’ts for Home Renovations

Energy Innovations

If you’re making home improvements that may include installing solar systems, RevoluSun recommends taking a good look at your insurance.

Allstate Insurance Agent Matthew Shido joined RevoluSun’s David Gorman to talk about insurance coverage for anyone who is building or renovating their home.

Shido says, “Just call up your insurance agent, tell them what you plan to do and ask if you should increase coverage limits. You want to make sure that the limits are high enough to cover the increase in value of your home. And you don’t have to do it all at the beginning. We know construction can be full of delays. You should be able to increase coverage incrementally as the project progresses.”

Insurance concerns include risk of injury to the contractor. 

“Make sure the contractor and any subcontractors working on your property have insurance,” advises Shido. “Ask to see their proof of insurance. And if you have friends and family helping you out, know that unfortunately, accidents and injuries happen, so no-fault medical protection for them would be a good idea.”

He also stresses the importance of getting permits.

“If any of your renovation results in an insurance claim– like a roof leak or a fire caused by faulty electrical wiring, you’ll be glad you pulled a permit! That’s one of the first thing insurance claim adjusters will check when you submit a claim: whether the work was permitted and performed by a licensed contractor. If it wasn’t, the claim will be denied.”

Finally, when you add PV or do any other significant home improvement, be sure to update your homeowner’s insurance so your coverage limits include the value of your improvements. 

Another good practice is to keep records of contracts and receipts, and take photos before, during and after the project. 

If you want your AC, PV, or smart home job done right — permitted and by a licensed contractor — call RevoluSun. 

If you want a friendly, responsive insurance agent who knows his stuff, call Matthew Shido at Allstate Insurance 737-3500. 


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