Energy Innovation: Going Solar With A Reputable Company

Energy Innovations

We asked Eric Carlson of RevoluSun why so many companies from years past are no longer around.

“You are absolutely right, many companies have shut their doors, We call it the Boom to Boost cycle and this happened from 2011-2013, where there were over 300 different companies installing solar. This was a combination of new local startups, mainland providers coming to the islands, electrical companies and even roofers jumping into the scene.”

Despite many great promotions, these companies have either run it’s course or the competition has forced them out of the solar business.

“I agree, that is not the best business model. Companies should be earning the trust of their clients by showing them the benefits of their business, not gimmicks. So, while some of that played into the demise of many companies. It was more about the end of Net Metering and the new policies that rolled out. The end of net metering ended the “gold rush”

So, to recap, solar had this huge “boom” and then things got a little more technical, causing companies to either go under or focus their main business. What has that done for the local landscape and considering all this, is solar still a good idea?

“I’ll start with your 2nd question. YES! Solar is always a great investment, I’ve been saying this for over 12 years “ the best time to go solar was yesterday.”

To answer the other questions, what we are left with is really just a handful of solar companies who truly know their stuff. And within that handful, the top 4 are local companies. And RevoluSun is proud to be the #1 solar company based on the number of permits.”

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