Energy Innovation: Federal Tax Deadline approaching

Energy Innovations

Revolusun wants to remind everyone who wants to get PV system to power their home or who has been putting off replacing their old solar water heater that’s on its last legs, that the full federal tax credit on solar energy systems ends this year!

Systems must be placed in service by December 31, 2019 to get the full 30% federal solar investment tax credit.  

That does not apply only to PV panels and solar hot water heating.  

Systems that qualify include: PV systems, PV + battery systems, solar hot water heating systems and solar-powered smart home products such as solar-powered skylights and solar attic fans.  

PV systems are still eligible for Hawaii State Tax Credits, which cover up to 35% of system cost.  

And planning to go solar is very important according to Revolusun General Manager David Gorman, “Get moving so they don’t miss out on the 30% federal tax credit! We expect this year to be really busy, so don’t wait. At a minimum, submit a HECO application right away for PV systems, especially if you have any special circumstances that might extend how long it takes to put your system into service, such as an old roof, multiple layers of roof, old electrical wiring or a homeowner’s association.  And even if you’re “just” replacing an old solar water heater, which doesn’t require HECO approval, get in the queue early. You don’t want to be turned away at the end of the year.”

And Revolusun is having a HECO programs seminar this Saturday at RevoluSun’s Smart Home Innovation Center in Kakaako, so you can learn all about your options for PV systems — whether you want to build a new system or expand an existing one.

Bring your HECO bill to the seminar and they can help you size your system and fill out the right application for your situation.

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