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With Christmas just a week away and with very subtle changes in seasons here in Hawaii, it always feels like summer. Revolusun wants to help! They are the leading split AC provider here in Hawaii as well as Central AC Systems and Revolusun Co-founder Erik Carlson had some great news for our Living808 viewers.

“We are one of the largest residential HVAC companies in the islands, for both split systems and central, I feel like many people still think of us as just a Solar Installer.  Hawaii Energy is giving a $1,000 rebate for homeowners who have central AC system that has a 10 Seer rating or below. SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio: It’s a measurement of an air conditioner’s cooling capacity to power input, or simply, the ratio of cooling produced (in BTUs) divided by the amount of electricity used (in watts). The higher the SEER rating means the greater the unit’s efficiency.  A ten would be closer to the bottom on the scale. This is a home that may have installed a central system years and years ago. The analogy would be your refrigerator and the energy star rating.  If you have a fridge that is 10 years old, it would have a lower energy star rating. You’d want to replace that for a higher energy star rated fridge so that you are saving money. To qualify for the rebate, first thing, if you have an old system, chances are it’s pretty inefficient and it’s costing you money every month. So, regardless it might be time to have a new unit installed. Secondly, give us a call, we can schedule an appointment and take a look at your existing system, let you know what the seer rating is, and provide you with a free proposal.  RevoluSun works directly with Hawaii Energy and takes care of the rebate processed for you so it’s a really simple process and you end up saving money on your electric bill every month!”

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