Energy Innovation: RevoluSun Talks Industry Changes & Options for Customers


Honolulu (KHON2) – RevoluSun is talking about big changes in the local solar industry and impacts with the recent closure of one of the pioneer solar companies.

President and General Manager David Gorman talked about the shifts and challenges of the industry that insiders refer to as the “solar coaster” with policy changes, equipment changes, tax incentive changes and an influx of companies looking to cash in on solar when it was in a boom. 

Gorman adds, “For reference in 2015 there were over 300 companies submitting for solar permits. Just 12 months later, that number fell to below 90. That’s a 60% drop in solar companies. Today, there are roughly 2 dozen solar companies actively offering solar, this  is a mix of locally owned  and mainland companies.  When you look at last years permits, the top 7 companies made up over 60% of all solar permits pulled for the year. Out of that top 7, 3 are locally owned and operated and 4 are mainland companies. RevoluSun is proud to be at the top of this list, with the most number of permits for 2019.”

RevoluSun has taken steps to protect its business from the volatility.

While RevoluSun is known as a solar company, it is also a HVAC Company and Roofing Company, well diversified and each business doing extremely well.

“My advice for customers looking to move forward with solar is, Choose Local First,” says Gorman. “We are committed to serving our neighbors and our focus is Hawaii. Like many mainland companies, we don’t come and go from state to state where the business opportunities are best…..we focus on our neighbors right here at home.

For Customers that no longer have someone to call. One all the equipment you have installed, should have a warranty, so you can work directly with them if you have any issues. In many cases that is going to require someone coming out to perform the work. RevoluSun is building up our service and maintenance department to help all those who are affected by a companies closure.”

RevoluSun will also be hiring to meet needs from customers, who have been calling with questions since the latest competitor shut down.

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