Sleep better and improve your lifestyle with an adjustable bed base

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From watching television to working on the computer, many of us use our beds for more than just sleeping.

Jason Oliveros, assistant store manager at Slumberworld, explains how a lifestyle bed base can make it easier and more convenient to do those things.

These types of adjustable bases can add comfort, allow you to sleep quicker, and stay asleep longer.

“Lifestyle bases have been shown to reduce pressure and ease pain, improve circulation which can help reduce tossing and turning and reduce snoring. These types of benefits are great for people of all ages,” said Oliveros. “This is going to allow you to change your room and the way you interact with the things in your room.”

Oliveros offers these tips on how to prepare to shop for a lifestyle base:

  • Make sure to choose your mattress before the base. All mattress at SlumberWorld are adjustable-compatible, so if you don’t own one already, it’s a good idea to shop for both together. 
  • As opposed to other pieces of furniture, lifestyle bases are machines; most of what you shop for you can’t see, so know your warranty.
  • Lifestyle bases are complex and heavy pieces of furniture. Make sure to consult your Bedding Specialist regarding delivery and installation before jumping right in.

Oliveros says lifestyle bases are affordable and SlumberWorld has options for all budgets.


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