How to find the perfect bed for you

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We all know that a good night’s sleep is important for our health and happiness.

With all the time we spend in bed, which is about a third of our life, you have to make sure your mattress is right for you.

So today we head to SlumberWorld, where bedding specialists can help you find the perfect bed.

According to Mary Racca-Ventura, SlumberWorld’s Sales Manager, there are many reasons why people get a new bed:

  1. Maybe their current bed is just old with severe sagging or it can no longer give proper support causing aches and pains when you wake.
  2. Body changes – when you either loose or gain weight, or when you develop health conditions that require a different type of support. When you lose or gain weight, it affects how your mattress feels, your comfort level changes and  you need a new bed that fits your new needs.
  3. New technology. Sometimes you just want to upgrade. The technology that goes into new beds these days is far superior to the bed you may have bought a few years ago. New materials like gel, or the latest category of beds, the Hybrids. With the Hybrids, you get the best of the innerspring beds and memory foam beds – feel and conformation of memory foam and the bounce of the innerspring.

When shopping for a new bed at SlumberWorld, the bedding specialist will start off by asking a host of different questions like:

  1. What sleep position do they sleep in  – side, back or stomach
  2. Do they sleep with a partner?
  3. Are they sensitive to motion transfer?
  4. What do they like and dislike about their current bed?
  5. Are they open to new bed technology?

Based on their answers, they will narrow the choices, make recommendations, test  the selected beds to determine what feels right and comfortable.

At SlumberWorld, it is their mission to help everyone get quality sleep. SlumberWorld has a wide selection of different types of beds – innerspring, next generation memory foam, gel, certified organic latex, and all natural material beds.

Phone Number: 808 545 3555



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