Dear Panci: Work from Home Tips


Honolulu (KHON2) – Living808 Lifestyle expert Crystal Pancipanci has tips to make working from home more productive for a new edition of Dear Panci.

With so many of us working from home, how do you structure your day? Any tips on how you get through your days.

Your fellow boss babe,

Crystal shared her Panci Style or PS tips.

PS Tip: Create and master daily routine!

One for you , One for your family members, especially kids

For Crystal, she gets up at about 7am, spends 15 mins on phone to look at emails, news and catch up on social etc.

PS Tip: Get your body moving!

Use the time you would normally be commuting to work for daily meditation, exercise or get your body moving. Stretch, yoga for a morning/afternoon walk. This wakes you up and makes you more productive.

Get dressed. Shower and dressed for the day. This makes a big difference on how you feel

What does your workspace look like?

Set a designated workspace & create an environment that is functional, keeps you organized and inspired.


     *   Get rid of any mess and anything distracting.

     *   Have all your supplies and electronics set up.

     *   Personally, everything around me needs to inspire to me

     *   Vison Board, I look at everyday and through the day

     *   Cute Office supples

     *   Crystal has Photo of her “why”- her daughter on desk

     *   A good chair or seat cushion helps

     *   A Fan helps for the hot days!

     *   Have good lighting. Makes all the difference on your zoom calls.

     *   Also with make sure to create a space that you are okay that everyone can see during your virtually meetings.

What are some tips to keep productive

PS Tip: Create a work from home playlist

     *   Play chill music throughout your day that helps you focus


     *   Peaceful Piano

     *   Chill Lofi Study Beats

PS Tip: Make a list (A real one with pen to paper)

     *   Nothing feel more productive that actually crossing things off a list

Make lists of your tasks

schedule in a lunch break.

PS Tip: Stay Hydrated

Have always have a water bottle by your side.

PS Tip: Treat yourself to a Mid-day meditation for a mental break Mental breaks totally helps.

            Headspace App

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