Aloha Tone Brings Secure Communications to Work at Home Offices


Aloha Tone provides business phone systems a dial tone, multi-site private networking, internet management, I.T. support and dedicated cloud services. Their technology allows clients to work from home with fast communication that is reliable and secure.

Many homes were not set up with a home office and the abrupt change to sheltering in place didn’t give much time to plan. Many Aloha Tone customers simply took their phone home and immediately got to work, but for those who did not have a data cable or home office, they provided a “softphone” which sits on their cell phone. For file and application office Aloha Tone provides dedicated physical machines for clients to access, which allows for the best performance and highest security at home.

Aloha Tone strive to stand out from other VoIP Providers by focusing on service, their team is local here in Hawaii and they know their customers. They offer innovative 2 way texting and private video hosting. The company places a strong emphasis on security, all servers are dedicated to individual clients with strict and secure communications firewalls providing advance protection. Aloha Tone also offers features like call recording, meet-me conference centers and efax so that all customers can be productive as possible.


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