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Straight Talk with Rhesa and Edwina

In this edition of “Straight Talk with Rhesa and Edwina” we are discussing staying sane in close quarters while in quarantine.

The ladies from Hooko LLC gave us some great tips.

  1. Have a routine.  Dont be thrown off, keep your daily routine.  Get up, get dressed and keep it the same as if you were needing to go to work.
  2. Use the time to bond and really connect with your family members.  You dont normally spend entire days with them and this is a good time to really get to know whats going on in their lives. Reorganize parts of the house.  Spiritual Devotion.
  3.  Getting outside is important for Vitamin d and fresh air.  Backyard gardening, walking your dog (keeping social distancing in mind.

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If you need help and want to talk to a professional, visit them online at hookollc.com or call the office at 808-375-7712.

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