Home maintenance nightmares


In the spirit of Halloween, Revolusun is sharing some scary tales on how not taking care of your home can become a nightmare for residents.

There’s no blood and gore, but for systems that need very little maintenance, these what Revolusun employees have witnessed are pretty bad. 

The first nightmare is called “Manoa Mold of Doom”.

Panels that aren’t cleaned regularly can collect mold and mildew.

Overgrown trees also negatively affect the production of these solar panels.

Remember, if the panels are getting the sun, you’re not getting all the energy you could be.

Red dirt is the next nightmare for customers.

In one particular case, the panels were so dirty that the customer’s production tripled after cleaning.

It’s not just dirt and mold, though. Birds can also muck up your panels.

Moving onto an inside system.

A Revolusun service member helped a friend whose central air conditioning system wasn’t putting out enough cold air over the hot summer.

They found a couple of air filters that their building maintenance missed.

Needless to say, the airflow improved after they replaced their air filters. 

The last nightmare is about hot water systems.

They can last 30 years or more, but they do need some maintenance.

If not, it could leak or worse explode.

Most folks don’t know they need to flush the tank and collectors annually.

Most never do, and that shortens the life cycles of their systems substantially.

What’s the lesson from these home maintenance nightmares?

Get your systems cleaned and maintained.

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