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John Veneri Homecooking: Butter Yaki

Todays recipe from John Veneri is an easy family friendly recipe.  Butter Yaki is good for adults and kids of all ages.  The normal requirements are Broccoli florets, sliced cucumber, and snow or snap peas.  You can add sliced mushrooms if you like.  Also your type of steak is up to you.  John prefers small pieces of rib eye.  These are cut into bite size pieces and are easy to cook quickly on the griddle.  The butter is used to coat the griddle and for flavor as well.

The dipping sauce is simple.

  • The dipping sauce is simple.
  • 1 cup of Aloha Shoyu
  • half cup Mirin
  • quarter cup of white sugar.
  • and lime juice (2 or 3 squeezed but not required)

Bring these to a boil and serve in small dipping bowls.  

This sauce taste great and is used to dip the hot veggies and meat along with a bowl of rice.  

Remember not to use metal tongs on the griddle to reduce the risk of scratching the surface.  Chopsticks are perfect.

Enjoy this easy meal and everyone can sit around and enjoy.

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