Hawaiian Electric would like to inform customers they have currently suspended disconnections from now until the end of the year during the holidays. If you receive a call, text or visit threatening for immediate payment, please call the Contact Center to verify and do not provide any personal information.

During the holiday season scammers tend to ramp up their efforts and target individuals when they are busy with holiday shopping and family gatherings. These scammers use many different tactics such as asking for immediate payment in cryptocurrency or gift cards to avoid disconnection.

Another tip is for your electrical.  Remember, to always turn off holiday lights before going to bed or leaving home. You can also use a timer to make sure this happens.  And for those cooking meals for the holidays, the kitchen can be one of the busiest areas in your home. It’s important to remember these tips:

  • Stay focused and be attentive while you are cooking
  • Keep your cooking areas clean and clear of any grease
  • Do not leave combustible items, such as potholders and kitchen towels, near the stove top
  • Always have a working fire extinguisher on hand and be sure you know how to operate it

For additional information, you can visit:

Website:         https://www.hawaiianelectric.com/

Social Media Handles:        facebook.com/Hawaiian Electric

Twitter.com/hwnelectric (@hwnelectric)