CEO and founder David Yonamine joined John Veneri in the Living808 Lounge to discuss his range of products from HIRO.

HIRO was formulated at a time in the beginning of the pandemic when we witnessed so many local business owners and people of the community helping whether it was creating masks, shields or doing food drives for our Kūpuna. I was personally moved by this and as someone who had been following COVID-19 from November I knew we could do something too. We began by researching day and night to find safe solutions that could be used frequently and consistently. Back in March of 2020 we didn’t know much biologically about how to fight the virus, nor did we know how long this would be around. But the scientific community around the world was open to discussion and was willing to teach us. We learned from virologists, microbiologists, pandemic experts, professors and chemists from South Korea, the United Kingdom and schools as prestigious as Cambridge, Stanford and Yale.  And the main thing we learned was 4 letters HOCL, Hypochlorous Acid. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, gosh, David how safe could something with the word acid really be? Well HOCL is something that is found naturally in our white blood cells that many mammals also share. Which is why you will commonly find that its safe for pets, plants, and people! In fact there are many farmers using HOCL to clean their produce right now! But a lot of people ask if its so safe can it really also be effective? Lots of research has pointed to that HOCL can actually be up to 80x stronger than bleach!”

And HIRO has a multitude of dispensing options with a number of gadgets ranging from small to large but all very easy to use.

“HOCL by itself is amazing but the main problem always remained how do we make cleaning cool? How do we create a fun habit that would bring 2020 technology to the table and truly innovate something that had not been made available to all consumers and commercial clients. Introducing the HIRO systems. Through Atomization we can break down the particles so that you can apply it without worrying about wiping it up afterwards. This also opened a great avenue to being able to provide peace of mind during a time where so much was not known. Today is a different story with the age of Omicron what was once something easily avoidable now introduced a threat looming all around us. Which is why we believe in trying to support all members of our community, from our Keiki to Kūpuna, from teachers to stevedores and first responders to our hotel workers we are all in this together.”

And HIRO will be apart of the first annual Active Seniors Expo being held at the Hawaii Convention Center on June 25-26 from 8:30am to 4pm.

Visit their store at Ala Moana Center or online at