Healthy & Delicious: Superfoods


Superfoods have it all.

The best ones are high in protein, low in fat, gluten-free, loaded with omega-3s, bursting with antioxidants and overflowing with folate, fiber and phytonutrients.

One of the most commonly used superfoods these days is quinoa.

Many people think it’s just a gluten-free alternative to pasta or rice, but quinoa is one of the only plants in the world that provides a complete source of protein.

Buckwheat is another complete protein superfood, but maybe not as widely used as quinoa.

Everyone knows about acai berries but have you heard of goldenberries?

The goldenberry aka Inca berry aka cape gooseberry aka Peruvian groundcherry aka Physalis peruviana originates from Peru, where it was used as a superfood by the ancient Incans.

It’s still relatively unknown, but is growing in popularity and may one day change the way you cook and eat.

It’s great in baking, packed with skin-healthy vitamin A, metabolism-boosting vitamin B, fiber and iron, and it makes a great snack or addition to your morning granola.

Another superfood is blue green algae.

It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

It’s a remarkable deep blue in color.

Drop just a little pinch in a glass of almond milk and see how the entire glass turns bright blue! 

Down to Earth has even more superfood recommendations, so check them out and find out which ones work best for you!


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